I Forced YouTubers To Complete a 9000 IQ Puzzle Map...

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I Forced NOpostrs To Complete a 9000 IQ Puzzle Map...
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Rhea13//ytsas47596 36 minutter siden
Just some appreciation for the block design of the final challenge and the cherry blossom lantern map design at the finale area Twas really pretty and a creative use of blocks
Lucy Mills
Lucy Mills 14 timer siden
Maya Williams
Maya Williams 17 timer siden
I love how when he said what the hell it showed the nether and sapnaps 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000iq for the stack across
Matcha Ocha
Matcha Ocha Dag siden
21:20 i didnt get it but when you say what's this five in the rhinos like they are five.... In the rhainos then i count per letter.... 😂
Qu 2 dager siden
part five im sitting here going YOU ONLY NEED 2 BLOCKS-
TagLine 3 dager siden
TagLine 3 dager siden
Quick question, how do you hey that skin on Mcraft??
Clarensia_Phoenix Playz 7F
Clarensia_Phoenix Playz 7F 4 dager siden
Be Aware of what you read My thoughts is Be = 2 Aware = 5 Of = 2 What = 4 You = 3 Read = 4 I just realized this when BBH counting Edit: and i feel like I'm dumb, try to see the rhino and the monkey Rhino = 5 Monkey = 6
Jasper Collinson
Jasper Collinson 4 dager siden
I thought I had it for the signs puzzle, but not quite
Ava Koverman
Ava Koverman 7 dager siden
I so want to do those kind of puzzles the more I watch others do it.
Wedding List 123
Wedding List 123 8 dager siden
The string was there to stop the vines from over growing.
Miah Naafeu
Miah Naafeu 9 dager siden
FreshInkyDrawZ & ErrorTheGlitch
FreshInkyDrawZ & ErrorTheGlitch 10 dager siden
1:09 MooBoyHalo MoobloomBoyHalo BloomBoyHalo BadMooHalo BadBloomHalo
curiosity 11 dager siden
They could have made sheers to collect the leaves to help them get across or made a bucket to collect the water from the garden...!😉
b4tskull 7 dager siden
They didn’t have iron though
Its Icy Ghost
Its Icy Ghost 12 dager siden
The bear aware of what you read was the easiest
EnderwolfPlayz YT
EnderwolfPlayz YT 13 dager siden
Instead of ki ki do you love me key key where are you
curiosity 11 dager siden
Jennifer Fuentes H.
Jennifer Fuentes H. 13 dager siden
Am I the only one who thought Gavots laugh in minute 22:46 was extremely cute 🥺
curiosity 11 dager siden
You're not alone 😎 it's so adorable 🥺!!!!!!
Killua zoldyck
Killua zoldyck 13 dager siden
Anyone else notice skeppy placed the keys and is now supposed to find them?
Mr.Penguin Gamer
Mr.Penguin Gamer 13 dager siden
What is this map called
Im_a_T-rex 15 dager siden
The 3rd round was hard even I couldn't figure it out but then I realized It says "Be aware of what you read" Be-2-red Aware-5-orange Of-2-yellow What-4-green You-3-blue Read-4-Purple I may be wrong but that is what I think it was😂
Plus Minus
Plus Minus 16 dager siden
i got the letters puzzle in the first second, why didn't they?
Takai 16 dager siden
“Give the hints to the other NOpostr’s” “I will, I will.” “I dunno find the key 🙄🦶”
TheVioletCrystal 16 dager siden
Dont wanna brag but the third challenge was not difficult. Anybody agree with me?
Chicken Man370
Chicken Man370 17 dager siden
All warfare is based on deception -Vladimir Makarov
•Myra• 17 dager siden
Am i the only one that figured out the second one like instantly?
Emily Sun
Emily Sun 18 dager siden
Sapnap's IQ is too high for us to even contemplate he should've won instead of getting last place T-T
Sav 19 dager siden
i wanna do one of these cause i always feel like i could win
minu2691 23 dager siden
This is so good
Owen Reimold
Owen Reimold 23 dager siden
No offense but this isn't really a 9000iq map.
Cobra Customs Restorations and Mods
Cobra Customs Restorations and Mods 24 dager siden
Muffin tatorman badboyhalo
Austyn Bieber
Austyn Bieber 25 dager siden
My sister got that rhino monkey thing after legit like 13 seconds and I was sitting there like O-o after she explained it to me (she got it before anyone even had any progress)
Luke Eiermann
Luke Eiermann 26 dager siden
That Be Aware Of What You Read was so easy
fipi ntugyi
fipi ntugyi 26 dager siden
The stingy operation behaviorally observe because quiver exemplarily observe an a groovy cemetery. stimulating, snobbish lake
StayherePocky 26 dager siden
Its like a jungle treasurer hunter very cheap movie
leishen wang
leishen wang 27 dager siden
I LOVE FINN!!!!!!!!!!!
Ella 27 dager siden
It’s so funny the way they did a colour sorted puzzle and make a colourblind man do it 😭👍 AKA GOGGY
WizardKEE 29 dager siden
why do i want to do one of these
55MoonMess :P
55MoonMess :P Måned siden
giving colours to colourblind gogy and words to dyslexic finn. seriously skeppy? wtf was ur though process--
XxBubbleGumPlayzX 27 dager siden
@55MoonMess :P oki
55MoonMess :P
55MoonMess :P 28 dager siden
@XxBubbleGumPlayzX no sorry if it offended anyone, please dont take it like that--
XxBubbleGumPlayzX 28 dager siden
Is this hate? 👁👄👁
karma akabane
karma akabane Måned siden
I cant believe they dont even know what primary colors are O.o
Not short
Not short Måned siden
Am I the only one who didn’t understand the “beware of what you read” 😭🖐
Not short
Not short 29 dager siden
@PoohPanda Xx ohhhhh ok thanks
PoohPanda Xx
PoohPanda Xx Måned siden
"Be" Has 2 letters "Aware" Has 5 Etc
Otaku Måned siden
This is suffering.I got the number letter one in like 10 seconds and just waited in pain
Marivic Etrella
Marivic Etrella Måned siden
I have 2 family
Hannah Hurdlow
Hannah Hurdlow Måned siden
How many times do I have to tell people. White is NOT a color, its a shade~
ThatOneRandomBookNerd Måned siden
I love the energy of these videos
ThatOneRandomBookNerd Måned siden
These look so EPIC now I wanna make and try one
Anna Mitchell
Anna Mitchell Måned siden
Little does Skeppy know is that I want to die tomorrow
Conor Hasenfang
Conor Hasenfang Måned siden
Anyone else pick up on the the amount of letters in a word right away for round 3?
Brody duh Birdy __
Brody duh Birdy __ Måned siden
For the dont fall I would have placed blocks on the walls and jumped from block to block and u would only need like 15 blocks
Mikayla Jacobson
Mikayla Jacobson Måned siden
If i did that i would have fallen
xKubovsky Måned siden
Why didn't you invite Technoblade
Joshua's Channel
Joshua's Channel Måned siden
what is this map called?
I_Oof 84
I_Oof 84 Måned siden
OH, SO DON'T TAKE THE COMBAT PATHS! Goes into Crossbow Blvd.
Octohunter777 Måned siden
Nice, Badboyhalo won!
Agnes Klein
Agnes Klein Måned siden
I saw the door key
EyeLockGaming Måned siden
Frizzle :P
Frizzle :P Måned siden
insane video
Jade Rush
Jade Rush Måned siden
So you ARE supposed to follow the war items. Why use the word "deception" in there though? I automatically assumed you had to steer clear of warfare to solve it. In such situations I always start to overthink, and in the end inevitably find myself wondering if a spoon is a war item and leaning towards a positive answer, while the creator of the puzzle is looking at the camera like they're on the Office, fighting the ever-rising desire to shoot either me or themselves.
Seva Måned siden
idea for a puzzle level: same concept as round 5 but you only have enough resources for slabs and a tool to break the slabs. if you place slabs on the bottom half of a block and break one of the slabs on the bridge, you always get the block back, so you can bridge infinitely
Gorillaz Playz
Gorillaz Playz Måned siden
Skeepy: If i were a key where would you put me? Warning dirty joke Me:in my keyhole
DeskoTheHusky Måned siden
Bolt Wrath
Bolt Wrath Måned siden
Maciek Szcepaniak
Maciek Szcepaniak Måned siden
41:32 is the most fun part of this video XD
Igo Esteves
Igo Esteves Måned siden
CAP SPORTS Måned siden
What I learned: Rhino Monkey
Clay Meisters
Clay Meisters Måned siden
Skepy gets like 100000 hints and says oh yah sure I will give them hints Skepy just find the key
Anastasia K.
Anastasia K. Måned siden
21:28 he sounded like techno and tubbo at the same time
jamal talib
jamal talib Måned siden
look at 3:33 he was on the key
Lil Starshooter
Lil Starshooter Måned siden
I wanna appreciate Sapnap's high IQ moments in this video xD
All Watching
All Watching Måned siden
For round 3, just jump of the side of the wool instead of the pressure plates and go on the diamond.. but in the beginning, badboyhalo helped me out by saying 2 for "be" .. I thought he meant 2 letters but he meant the first letter for the word is 2nd in the alphabet .
Nicky Harvey
Nicky Harvey Måned siden
the reason why they didn’t include Technoblade in this it’s because they had Sun Tzu references and that lead completed in 2.3 seconds
Jesse Vancooney
Jesse Vancooney Måned siden
I am big brain. I figured out what the 3rd test was immediately
Jesse Vancooney
Jesse Vancooney Måned siden
Everyone picked white then blue second except you on the second level
TheGreatHedgehog Måned siden
is dreams brain too big for this?
Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy Måned siden
How did they take so long on round 3. It took me like 5 seconds.😂
Jon Terrazas
Jon Terrazas Måned siden
For the first puzzle, I feel like it would be so much easier if you took everything
XxBubbleGumPlayzX 28 dager siden
Rektz Måned siden
When my mom said education wasnt the same back then she wasnt lying, i learned primary colors in 3rd and im watching grown teens or men fail at 3RD GRADE ART
MacKenzie Price
MacKenzie Price Måned siden
Everyone was so surprised that they could get mossy slabs
- CyberYEEYEE -
- CyberYEEYEE - Måned siden
this is the second video I watched that said rhino monkey
Super Brain
Super Brain Måned siden
It would be nice if bbh would say"be aware"....
Mika_ solo
Mika_ solo Måned siden
"Be aware what you read" ( the cost is 2_5_4_3_4 )
MANGO Måned siden
So why was the rhino monkey there
nixtie Måned siden
"megapvp was here" hello mute boy
KS Studios
KS Studios Måned siden
'You- Awah~ 😫'
Kira Stankov
Kira Stankov Måned siden
honestly, on the third one I was able to figure out the trick after players got two but I had no idea what the monkey rhino clue had anything to do with it until it was explained
Tamara Godjevac
Tamara Godjevac Måned siden
40:07 we aren't gonna talk about this big brain?
Yummy Nummy
Yummy Nummy Måned siden
Mega was there 😳✌🏼
Yummy Nummy
Yummy Nummy Måned siden
Bt Gamez
Bt Gamez Måned siden
The amount of happiness I had when I figured out the level that was the number of the letters in a word
GarryLarry890 Måned siden
Breaddd Måned siden
NOpost: are you a kids NOpostr? Skeppy: well yes, but actually, no
Aople Jelly
Aople Jelly Måned siden
Me, an artist, triggered at the color riddle: white just makes it lighterrrrrrr 0n0
DrDoGooder 123
DrDoGooder 123 Måned siden
Einichkeit und Recht und Freiheit (singing) Für das Deutsch Vater Land (Singing)
• alcatraz
• alcatraz Måned siden
white is not even a color btw
Jay Bonn
Jay Bonn Måned siden
Round 2 was a joke
Jay Bonn
Jay Bonn Måned siden
This is the kind of thing that bothers me like "I dont have the self control to not tell people what to do so that's why I do it" like that kind of bs irks me lol
blessed bread
blessed bread Måned siden
how is bbh so smart
Eri Berry
Eri Berry 2 måneder siden
On the color door puzzle,it has to be blue because only primary colers can make a whole lot more colors into secondary colors
Giannis 2 måneder siden
51:50 yes yes
Aiden Faoro
Aiden Faoro 2 måneder siden
The all did white and then blue
Patrick Chellso
Patrick Chellso 2 måneder siden
Yeah lol
kk the boi
kk the boi 2 måneder siden
i wonder why techno the pig isn’t in this vid 😂
Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen 2 måneder siden
Sapnao did everything wrong in the best way
Triggered Grammar Nazi
Triggered Grammar Nazi 2 måneder siden
*SapNap's brain is too big for the puzzle*
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