I Created A Giant Monopoly Game in Minecraft

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I Created A Giant Monopoly Game in Minecraft
MERCH: skeppyshop.com/
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My Server IP: Invadedlands.net

Fred Gouveia
Fred Gouveia 2 timer siden
I feel sorry for Badboyhalo
Nastalina Aidy
Nastalina Aidy 5 timer siden
There is more than 100k likes, do more plsssssssssss!!!
i Fleming
i Fleming Dag siden
Sub to skippy
David Foster
David Foster Dag siden
Do a sorry board game
super sniper ash
super sniper ash Dag siden
Skeppy:I'm pretty sure we know the rules Me:wait dont you not buy stuff on 1st time round 😂
The Panda Behind the Slaughter
The Panda Behind the Slaughter 3 dager siden
*30 minutes in Well it must be about to end and i- ONE HOUR AND FIFTEEN MINUTES!
UNICORNLOVER 25 3 dager siden
Its 5 ones, 1 five, 2 tens, 1 twenty, 1 fifty, 4 one hundreds, and 2 five hundreds
Ahmed Safa Koral
Ahmed Safa Koral 3 dager siden
Skeppy:So much tax i need pay Turkey ppl:First time?
NearGenius 3 dager siden
11:25 thats a lie skeppy got an undesrved 100
-Fly the Human-
-Fly the Human- 4 dager siden
Skeppy:u know the rules Me:and so do i
COOKIE SQUAD! 4 dager siden
22:24 Oo i got doubles Me: YOU DIDNT ROLL AGAIN! Btw love your vids 😘 X
Johan Blohm
Johan Blohm 5 dager siden
Izzy Kuglin
Izzy Kuglin 5 dager siden
Be nice to BBH
Izzy Kuglin
Izzy Kuglin 5 dager siden
Johann Sebastian D. BAUTISTA
Johann Sebastian D. BAUTISTA 6 dager siden
dis vid IS SOOO GOOD
MCmonstructUK 6 dager siden
Huh, when I played, we usually take £200 or rather $200 for you since your American...
Fluffy Unicorn
Fluffy Unicorn 6 dager siden
TapL yay
xkatje jonise
xkatje jonise 7 dager siden
"Unless this somehow hets 100.000 likes im gonna play it again with some other youtubers" -Skeppy You have to keep your promise skeppy😂
xkatje jonise
xkatje jonise 7 dager siden
I have an idea, maybe😅, minecraft among us with badboyhalo? And ofc some other people but jeah, maybe its an idea :)
panther crew
panther crew 7 dager siden
bonus time Gaming
bonus time Gaming 7 dager siden
I also made my own board game on the PS4 version of minecraft
Dazzle 7 dager siden
This has over 100k likes- play it again!!!
MMVII K1LL3RKR0CK 8 dager siden
is their a download for this map?
Fay Jia
Fay Jia 8 dager siden
This is the only long vid
sebas cook
sebas cook 8 dager siden
Skeppy : why do i keep fcking landing here Bbh:LANGUAGE LANGUAGE SKEPPY BBH: BRAIN YEEEEEEES HE LANDED THERE
Leonie Singrin
Leonie Singrin 8 dager siden
I dont need this bit... XD i really thought he would swear lol
Lil pennys
Lil pennys 8 dager siden
At 46:00 bbh was wrong 3 houses are 450 not 625
Lil pennys
Lil pennys 8 dager siden
1:12:17 bbh was wrong again 450 not 625
SaberGamer 545
SaberGamer 545 9 dager siden
Am I the only one who realises that it's over 100K likes and they haven't done a rematch
VGAX 9 dager siden
16 Ernesto Cesar Pio Maquiling
16 Ernesto Cesar Pio Maquiling 9 dager siden
16 Ernesto Cesar Pio Maquiling
16 Ernesto Cesar Pio Maquiling 9 dager siden
why this is so long an hour and 15 minutes and 46 seconds.
Aparajita Agrawal
Aparajita Agrawal 9 dager siden
Who noticed this was one hour
Penzfun 9 dager siden
Need more people on this map
Stoat the Mammal
Stoat the Mammal 9 dager siden
Whens the 2v2 :|
Conflict 9 dager siden
His desc is the same as his title XD
among hand
among hand 10 dager siden
Worth my 1 hour
ツGlitch_2_World 10 dager siden
I'm pretty sure they tricked each other half the time- What happened to the loan thing at like 30 mins in or so?-
Ayman Gaming
Ayman Gaming 10 dager siden
What Is skeppopilt
ThatOneRandomBookNerd 10 dager siden
I wish I had BadBoyHalo and Skeppy's friendship
Samantha Burns
Samantha Burns 10 dager siden
skeppyyy it has over 100k likes 😂DO IT PLAY MONOPOLY AGAIN >:)
At the start u get $200
Andrei Tirana
Andrei Tirana 11 dager siden
this was posted in my birthday, my birthday is sep 18
Little Danzel
Little Danzel 11 dager siden
Little Danzel
Little Danzel 11 dager siden
Fruit Apple
Fruit Apple 11 dager siden
I cant believe this was 5 moths ago it seams like 2 years ago
bekah 11 dager siden
does anyone else absolutely hate the whistle track skep uses as background music sometimes??
Minecraft 1.12
Minecraft 1.12 11 dager siden
This in real life there no skepopoly there is a style monopoly
Bastian Revazov
Bastian Revazov 12 dager siden
57:37 it's skepopoly not monopoly thank you very much
TipsForDays 12 dager siden
how long did it take?
Mxsixl 12 dager siden
44:12 "That'll learn you"
Killer .K.
Killer .K. 13 dager siden
I've been drawing this whole time................... I have been drawing for over an hour
Ruby Hanket
Ruby Hanket 13 dager siden
I checked if I was subscribed and it said yes
•Rando _Eq•
•Rando _Eq• 13 dager siden
My sister texted me and said: “sis, I love you but I would never stand on a crafting table for you” .......no comment
Elena Tripp
Elena Tripp 13 dager siden
Skeppy got doubles once and forgot to roll again literally right after he teased BadBoyHalo for having to remind him to go again.
It’s Joslynn
It’s Joslynn 13 dager siden
Is no one going to talk about how skeppy actually spelled something correct ( in the title of the vid )
Nate Games
Nate Games 13 dager siden
Imagine you name your own game Skepopoly
Ziady Bertrand
Ziady Bertrand 14 dager siden
Cherry Dilanco
Cherry Dilanco 14 dager siden
oy i play monopoly in real life i love it
Technoboo 14 dager siden
Did anyone else notice that Skeppy didn’t collect 200 one round? Time stamps: 38:56 - 39:20 and more on he never collected 200 after passing Go.
Dhymeon Xiong
Dhymeon Xiong 14 dager siden
22:17 skeppy roll doubles Skeppy instantly forgets
Jazmyn Taylor
Jazmyn Taylor 14 dager siden
“Have you dropped the soap yet?” 😂😂
Jamie williams
Jamie williams 14 dager siden
Can you do a video where you make a building whatever you say with 100 kids and maybe me????
Alicia Soth
Alicia Soth 14 dager siden
The judicious receipt emotionally suppose because sousaphone theoretically flap lest a ritzy anthony. wanting, noxious bill
Cheyanne Turner
Cheyanne Turner 14 dager siden
BadBoyHalo: "cAnCe my mind: " omg bbh just said $hit
:v 14 dager siden
Skeppy cheating ruined it
Toms Bole
Toms Bole 14 dager siden
you dont have to even pay the properties if the person who owns the properties is in jail
GD Lucian
GD Lucian 15 dager siden
where do u download it from
Tanner W
Tanner W 15 dager siden
Roll doubles 3 times you go to jail 31:54
Kbrewer86 51
Kbrewer86 51 15 dager siden
Skeppy feet pics that’s what it said
• LypheXx •
• LypheXx • 15 dager siden
5:39 *flashbacks to dreamnotfound*
Rhiot Meshke
Rhiot Meshke 15 dager siden
You mist a double
Bernie Conrique
Bernie Conrique 15 dager siden
Worth it
Bernie Conrique
Bernie Conrique 15 dager siden
I love this 1 hour video
yt channel
yt channel 16 dager siden
Landen Busbee
Landen Busbee 16 dager siden
At the time 23:00 you forgot about your doubles.
Genevieve Gilbert
Genevieve Gilbert 16 dager siden
i literaly watched the whole thing without realising it was an hour long
Dark matter
Dark matter 16 dager siden
22:26 it was suppose to be skeppys turn cuz he rolled a double
Galaxe 16 dager siden
When he mortgages something he soungs so lifeless
JOGA 16 dager siden
has anyone else watched this whole video then after the video you ask yourself what are you doing with your saturday then you just continue watching 1 hour long videos but then you realize that it is not even saturday and it is tuesday
Mysuperpug !
Mysuperpug ! 16 dager siden
12:14 ouch 😭
Slash Phantom
Slash Phantom 16 dager siden
badboyhalo was cheeting you can't collect rent in jail
Balark the gamer
Balark the gamer 16 dager siden
bro he forgot to collect 400 dollars
Sharif Geraldizo
Sharif Geraldizo 17 dager siden
abc if ya'll like skephalo!! i really do
JJLIU 2016
JJLIU 2016 17 dager siden
22:27 👁 👄 👁 what happened. Did you forget you got double
Adam-george Houghton
Adam-george Houghton 17 dager siden
This is perfect because I'm playing monopoly tomorrow
Cayden Albert
Cayden Albert 17 dager siden
22:30 you had doubles😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣
•Blue Tiger•
•Blue Tiger• 17 dager siden
love the game. good job. 👏 BUT where can i buy it. UwU
kate d
kate d 17 dager siden
bbh only have skeppy 12 dollars not 22 😐 i think
Silence Foxy
Silence Foxy 17 dager siden
Card Plays
Card Plays 17 dager siden
You need one other person to play banker
ItsUnpug 18 dager siden
Isaiah Playz
Isaiah Playz 18 dager siden
At 22:10 Skippy rolled doubles and didn't roll again
shado chan
shado chan 18 dager siden
The definition on betting someone at their own game 😂
Rayce Gumpxx
Rayce Gumpxx 18 dager siden
Once skeppy got double three and he just went one time
Anon Account
Anon Account 18 dager siden
Why do you guys always call each other muffin heads
Shardz_ 19 dager siden
you do realise you don’t collect rent in jail right?
Birds for Breakfast
Birds for Breakfast 19 dager siden
hey skeppy i just saw that this has more then 100k likes and you said you would do a 2v2 of this if it reached 100k 😁
Shadow_Ninja27 19 dager siden
37:37 it generally annoyed me when he said he gets 400 from that
Appie Mormel
Appie Mormel 19 dager siden
Skepopoly - The new game, available in no stores
Tommy Plays
Tommy Plays 19 dager siden
Got bored had to skip some :(
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