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Skeppy takes a Tour of a Skeppy Hater Server... no, seriously.
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Sooooo today Vurb introduced me to a server that literally HATES me for fun? WHAT. I even visited the "Skeppy Hating Room" and guys it was... a lot. They apparently meet every Monday. They compared me to an oompa loompa? i'm still offended, so like, I may never dye my hair now. I honestly do not understand what I did to deserve this. So I may have trolled them back a little. And then I may have gotten banned. If this video gets 100K likes I might even get BadBoyHalo to visit if they unban me LMAO so please like this video :D
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This me trolling people who can't stand me LMAO

Skeppy 2 måneder siden
by the way I was unbanned later and fixed the TNT explosions, i’m so nice I help my haters😤😤😤
BAYERN FAN 3 dager siden
FrxstBlox 25 dager siden
Douglas Plays
Douglas Plays Måned siden
I hate those haters
ً Måned siden
Paint Boi
Paint Boi Måned siden
Char_Does_Gacha UwU
Char_Does_Gacha UwU 3 timer siden
i dont understand this server one bit lmao
tata poopy
tata poopy 10 timer siden
pls bring a6d back
Elissa Ip
Elissa Ip 15 timer siden
But seriously, what is there to hate about you?
dahli 16 timer siden
I recommend you roblox skeppy
alex__ 20 timer siden
me looking at ur recent emojis just to be nosey
Ovidiu Husariu
Ovidiu Husariu Dag siden
XxHarry.Potter.Fan.ChannelxX Dag siden
We love you skeppy! ❤
jackson Galigon
jackson Galigon Dag siden
what com app r u using?
OmegaLeonidas Dag siden
There is literally nothing to hate about Skeppy, why in the world does this exist?😂
Razer Blade
Razer Blade Dag siden
How dare they
Dovile Jasilioniene
Dovile Jasilioniene 3 dager siden
What was not nice at all😭😭😭😭😭💔
Watermelon Dog
Watermelon Dog 3 dager siden
Everyone “according to yt analytics most people who watch my videos aren’t subscribed so pls do” Skeppy “according to yt analytics you should” Finally
Gem Tiger
Gem Tiger 3 dager siden
They all are probably just jealous cause your are famous and they are just some stupid devil's
nickie penguin
nickie penguin 3 dager siden
I'm going to kick those assholes when I see them!!😈😈😈
Chip Studios
Chip Studios 4 dager siden
Unsubscribe to skeppy and subscribe to technoblade
Tiago Sequeira
Tiago Sequeira 4 dager siden
lol i cant stop laughing cuz thpse guys are all kids
PO 4 dager siden
I’m so sorry for you Skeppy
HappyBlox 4 dager siden
Why isn’t everyone talking about how beautiful his family is 1:42
Pro.X.Brothers 4 dager siden
well im big fan but destroy people places the spawn thats dumb cause i toke alot of time
MistyBlue094 5 dager siden
*The thumbnail is a bunch of eggy Skeppys*
Kolorowy Kloc
Kolorowy Kloc 5 dager siden
i know why hates u because your skin maybe to change to real boy with skeppy hoodie edit: i dont hate skeppy
Lukasz Mezynski
Lukasz Mezynski 6 dager siden
taylor plays
taylor plays 6 dager siden
Make a video about pranking Preston
Pusheen and Duckster
Pusheen and Duckster 6 dager siden
We love skeppy UwU
Gator Tattor
Gator Tattor 6 dager siden
They seem a bit obsessed
meanwhile, in the mind of a gorilla
meanwhile, in the mind of a gorilla 7 dager siden
haters: fuk u skeppy haters: *builds a massive fortress and places skeppy's head on top* _logik_
MysteryWarthog 7 dager siden
When the guys who call Skeppy short are actually 5'2" people insecure about being the shortest people in school
MysteryWarthog 7 dager siden
Bruh those guys arent even worth a single toenail of Skeppy. Who cares about hating people? I hate some minecraft yotubers but I dont create a whole server. Just seems like a waste of time and energy
MysteryWarthog 7 dager siden
I dont create a whole server dedicated to hating someone or something
this Is me VODS
this Is me VODS 7 dager siden
Idk why they hate skeppy
Alan Barajas
Alan Barajas 8 dager siden
As a skeppy fan, he walked by a village did he raid it
Astro Legend
Astro Legend 8 dager siden
Me : thinking he is going to do an outdoor thing skeppy:BYE!!!
Mankouche 3alraff
Mankouche 3alraff 9 dager siden
I am sorry for u
- 10 dager siden
No outro?????
The Stuff
The Stuff 10 dager siden
Skeppy Is the main reason you made the club
Jordan Bear
Jordan Bear 10 dager siden
Jace Kanz
Jace Kanz 10 dager siden
HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAA skeppy isnt evon duum
Phumzile Sibanyoni
Phumzile Sibanyoni 10 dager siden
They are all a bunch of muffin heads!! 😠😠😠😠😠😠
Lady Rain
Lady Rain 11 dager siden
Boi they dumb
beeschurger 745
beeschurger 745 12 dager siden
ok, people have their opinions, BUT THIS LOL
X XX 12 dager siden
Why you fix it
my TWINS! 12 dager siden
Lol xdddddd
Oscar_ 13 dager siden
The king Dedede
The king Dedede 13 dager siden
So... you joined a redstone server?
FriendSheep 13 dager siden
Luckily their server home is destroyed by a TNT
RainbowGamez 13 dager siden
I meant skeppy
RainbowGamez 13 dager siden
Srry skeptics but your voice don’t match your look no effected I love your channel
mateo mora
mateo mora 13 dager siden
Why you kill everybody
Ricardo Alvarez
Ricardo Alvarez 13 dager siden
8:03 video
Ricardo Alvarez
Ricardo Alvarez 13 dager siden
Edward S
Edward S 13 dager siden
there should be skeppy hater hater server
L3V1 community
L3V1 community 13 dager siden
z - i a - love k - you
•Amy UwU•
•Amy UwU• 13 dager siden
Are we gonna ignore that justvurb said "cam I be the co owner? "😂😂
John Adams
John Adams 14 dager siden
Technoblade is better
Darkon2k Darkyon4k
Darkon2k Darkyon4k 14 dager siden
Those losers😂💀
sandy 14 dager siden
seems like theyre obsessed they made a whole server for you
sandy 14 dager siden
lmfao all they said were just "your short" like come up with something else
Zylbehar Prushi
Zylbehar Prushi 14 dager siden
Skippy is not really
Zylbehar Prushi
Zylbehar Prushi 14 dager siden
Funny fact you're not that good at Minecraft
Katie Thornton
Katie Thornton 14 dager siden
OMG why do you hate skeppy he is the best
Matz games NL
Matz games NL 14 dager siden
i lijk joe
Welpi 15 dager siden
They are so annoyings. Who even can hate our cute little diamond boy? And I am sure that I will watch all Skeppy's Minecraft videos.
Denton Bramble
Denton Bramble 15 dager siden
no happy new years?
Mabry Quimio
Mabry Quimio 15 dager siden
red skeppy = red skeppy infected
SoCringeGod 666
SoCringeGod 666 15 dager siden
just tell ur mom that people made a skeppy haters server and she will spank the owner obviously
InspireYouTube 15 dager siden
skeppy you forgot deop the creator
BlaineandJudy Weninger
BlaineandJudy Weninger 15 dager siden
Honestly no one should rub their hate on someone and just do it privately
•chaosgremlin• 15 dager siden
Journey Seeker
Journey Seeker 15 dager siden
You didn’t do the “like or die tmr” thing
Chloe Lui
Chloe Lui 15 dager siden
7:14 what skeppy says: "what did I do to you guys?!" vs. what skeppy types: "what di di to do u guys"
Massey Ferguson Farm
Massey Ferguson Farm 15 dager siden
What's the song playing in the back while you were griefing with TNT?
DJ Killer
DJ Killer 15 dager siden
Im suprised how small amount of People joined XD
Aspen Henery-Hagius
Aspen Henery-Hagius 16 dager siden
Stupid haters
HÀX NOVA 16 dager siden
No one hates skeppy everyone love's him
meeto hamburger
meeto hamburger 16 dager siden
best vido ever
melanie morales
melanie morales 17 dager siden
who els went on tiktok to hate on the hate accs
Itz Maxi
Itz Maxi 17 dager siden
Red skeppy strikes back
Kendall Bird
Kendall Bird 17 dager siden
Kendall Bird
Kendall Bird 17 dager siden
Ur hair is nice tho...5:50
Mostafa Mahmoud Mostafa Hussien
Mostafa Mahmoud Mostafa Hussien 17 dager siden
how could you HATE a cute little diamond block head like skeppy?? these guys are jerks
Dark Uchiha
Dark Uchiha 17 dager siden
i never heard skeppy curse
XxGacha ShadowxX
XxGacha ShadowxX 18 dager siden
Pov:Ur looking for the Haters' comments
VinnyMonster 18 dager siden
0:20 did anyone notice the village in the background 🤣
Xuan Chen
Xuan Chen 18 dager siden
Who unbanned you
boom bam bop pow
boom bam bop pow 18 dager siden
Never heard him say a sware
Yesmin Kovalevski
Yesmin Kovalevski 18 dager siden
u joined skeppy hater server now u made one AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Chris Tian
Chris Tian 18 dager siden
we should riad it
Wr3ck0rdz 19 dager siden
Instructions unclear. I am still a big fan of Skeppy. Hate is physically impossible
SOCCOSPARKLE 19 dager siden
but skeppy cute boi
Roleplay Bear
Roleplay Bear 19 dager siden
💖💖💖🔅🔅🚹🚹🚹🎦↖️◀️↖️🔵🔵🔻🔻🔶🔵🔊🔊💭♦️♥️♦️💬♦️♦️🇩🇴🇪🇪🇩🇪🇫🇯🇸🇪🇹🇰😃😁🥞🤣🤣🥞😁🥓😁😃🤣😂😁😅🥓😅😁🥓😇🤨🧐😇😇😅😎🥶🥶🥶😓😓😓😧😢😧😧🤢😴😨🤬🤬🤯🥵🤯🤬😣😦😢🤭😑😢😑😦😴🤬🤢🤬🤮🎃🤕🎃👹😼😺😸😸 emoji
jisunginnit 20 dager siden
imagine making a whole server skeppy themed, idk but seems like fan behavior to me
MAc Starrett
MAc Starrett 20 dager siden
Ok I guess
James Finley Addison Kristianto 1313072
James Finley Addison Kristianto 1313072 21 dag siden
You can just invite 100 kids lol
Antonio Reyes
Antonio Reyes 21 dag siden
Antonio Reyes
Antonio Reyes 21 dag siden
Make Skippy or Plum destroy everything he deserves it
A sad cup
A sad cup 21 dag siden
Poor Skeppy
Alice Fournier
Alice Fournier 21 dag siden
I like how Skeppy just laughs at it, if I were in that situation, I would be crying
Etch 20 dager siden
same T-T
Miran Aliyar
Miran Aliyar 21 dag siden
Hi zappy
Ja ja the new king
Ja ja the new king 23 dager siden
Imagine making a video and the comments are hate comments but your video has 0 dislikes.
Bacon Inquisition
Bacon Inquisition 23 dager siden
You should have run /stop 😂 You should test it on Invaded
Darius Shines
Darius Shines 24 dager siden
Me: why they hate skeppy so much tho My brain: It’s probably bc he once put 100 kids in a van and even force kids to fight to the death in Minecraft ;-; Me: visible confusion
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